Restorative Yoga and Power Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a gentle way of performing yoga, using various accessories that will induce a great physical and mental relaxation. When in this relaxing state you breathe deeper and slower, your pulse and mental fluctuations also decelerate, your nervous system is at a complete rest. Combined with the amazing benefits of many yoga poses, in this state your body and recharge energy and find a balance, where it will begin to heal you naturally.

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Power yoga

Power Yoga is a different style of yoga, it offers power and energy that revitalizes. This technique will create an internal warmth because of the detoxication, and by practicing this type of yoga you will also develop a strong and flexible body, purifying your blood, muscles, internal organs and central nervous system. Power Yoga’s roots in traditional methods, but are not chained to these methods, creating a free, creative and fun space. This discipline is practiced with poses, dynamically and energetically, toning your body and giving you control over your mind: a meditation en movement that follow natural laws that dictate balance and flexibility, posture and rest, breathing and concentration, dedication and fears.

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Yogapilates: Sesiones de 60 minutos de duración, donde se trabajan técnicas de relajación, preparación respiratoria y corporal. Ejercicios dinámicos de Pilates: Donde se trabaja la fuerza, fluidez, precisión, control del centro, concentración y respiración.

Pranayama: técnicas de ampliación y control respiratorio para activar y canalizar la energía y favorecer pleno desarrollo psico-físico.

Dharana: ejercicios de concentración mental que amplían la conciencia, desarrollando la creatividad, la comprensión y el conocimiento intuitivo.

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