Yoga and it’s health benefits

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Yoga and it’s health benefits

Nowadays it’s very usual to hear among friends, family, coworkers and news outlets about the benefits of practicing yoga. Throughout the last couple of years this activity and life philosophy has become a trend around the world. But, what is yoga? The word yoga comes from the root from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to hold together, reunite, join, direct and concentrate attention and energy for it’s later use. An ancient discipline originated in India, it’s one of the six orthodox systems in Indian philosophy. It’s a comprehensive experience with involves the mind, the body and the spirit, and isn’t just a very good way of exercise. Yoga could be seen as a form of meditation which requires all of your attention when moving from one asana (a pose in yoga) to another. Once you learn new ways of moving, and listen to both your body and mind, other areas of your life will also start to change and move.
In a way, not only do you become more flexible physically, but your mind and focus on life can begin to gain more flexibility needed for your day to day. This means that your body and health will change as soon as you apply correct living styles.
Currently, both adults and children are exposed to stressful routines; the result is a bad diet and poor sleep, living in constant tension which leaves the body more vulnerable to a series of diseases and sickness. When you exceed these physical and mental limits, most of the time these loses are irreversible. Therefore, an activity that integrates both mental, physical and spiritual aspects, like yoga, helps to achieve an ideal lifestyle.
Yoga is suitable for everyone, but we must find what kind of yoga will give us the benefits that we need. There are various types of yoga in this day in age, most of them created and developed in the Western World, but the most popular of them all are those that are based more on physical exercise, achieved through different poses and combined with breathing exercises and meditation.

Here at Gravity Workouts we offer training for professionals in the Aeroyoga® method alongside with Aeroyoga classes, often known at aerial Yoga. We also offer Pilates aéreo.

These exercises are done while your body is suspended thanks to our swing made of fabric that is secured on the ceiling. This different way of practicing yoga can work as a form of rehabilitation, stress management or a way of exploring all the possible movements in our body. There are many important health benefits, for example: fixing your posture, better mental capacity, tones your body, nourishes the skin, helps lymphatic drainage, antistress (suspention has a natural relaxing effect), helps circulation and flexibility.
With some time and effort, these benefits from practicing yoga can not only be seen in your physical and mental wellness but you’ll aso see a good changes in your life.

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