How do you achieve maximum wellness and a stronger, more flexible body? Pilates which will help you through our physical and mental training programme, that takes into consideration body and mind as one, dedicating time to explore the potential changes in the human body. These changes, whose goals are to reach a better state of body functionality, are based on strengthening one’s inner energy, near our core, being the structure that supports all our body’s strength. Another pilar for this method is the application of the six basic principles: concentration, control, center, fluid movements, breathing and precision. The pilates method is in complete coordination with body, mind and spirit

​Benefits of Pilates

If you practice this method regularly, you’ll develop a strong, flexible and slender body harmoniously, a vigorous mind, an elevated spirit, better posture and a good night’s sleep.

Learn more about our classes

Pilates: 60 minute sessions, where you will practice stretching and fortalizing exercises in sequences of controlled and precise movement.
Gain bodily conscious and line-up.
Breathing preparations
Pre Pilates exercises to get your body ready for the session
Basic Mat exercises
Intermediate Mat exercises
Advanced Mat exercises
Breathing and Stretching Exercises
All sessions will be performed with corresponding exercises necessaries for each level (basic, intermediate, advanced) in which you are working. There will also be a use of accessories such as a rolling pin, elastic resistance band, magical circle, and exercise balls when needed.

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