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Gravity Workouts is based on three fundamental ideas

  • An open air experience

    Gravity Workouts is located only 3 km from Conil beach, providing facilities with a once in a
    lifetime experience. Conil de la Frontera today is a frontieer that escapes from buildings and
    large crowds until it runs into Tarifa.
    Come and try a new and different experience in an ideal place

  • It’s for everyone, no matter who you are

    Here at Gravity Workouts there’s a place for everyone.. sport lovers, of relaxation and health.
    Looking for a way to reactivate your body and mine? Trying new experiences or just want to
    have fun? Traveling alone or as a couple? Traveling with family or friends? Through our
    diverse activities, we offer alternative for everyone. We’re excited for you to come!

  • Aerial Suspension

    Gravity Workouts is specialized in bungee workouts and aeroyoga - aeropilates. Come and
    fly, run, jump, dance.. Bring out the best of you and get rid of the worst. There’s only one
    centre in Spain and it’s here in Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz. Our facility is more than 470 m² to
    make this experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. Are you going to miss out?

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In Gravity Workouts we want to help you fly. You can fly suspended from a swing or rope. Experiment with new sensations like weightlessness, feeling all the potential of your body in movement.
We want to help you love yourself, bringing your mind and body together, with exercise and balance, nature and wellbeing.

We combine traditional knowledge of the human body through the studies of yoga, with the latest trends and low impact, high intensity disciplines. Designed by performers, classical dancer and acrobats like those seen in Cirque du Soleil. That way everyone can know how it feels to fly. To step it up even more, we want your unforgettable experience to be taken place on the virgin coast of Cádiz.
Fly in the ocean, light and wind in the south of Spain. What else could you ask for?

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Gravity Workouts

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