Bungee Workout, the new sporty trend in Spain


Bungee Workout, the new sporty trend in Spain

We all know that homo sapiens insist on challenging their physical limits, limits that have been broken through imagination, hard work and risk. One of the hardest achievements was that of flight, us humans don’t have the natural capacity to fly, but we were able to trick nature and now sky’s the limit.

In the sporting world there have been unexpected, but incredible, things done in the sky, and some unfortunate men and women have seen unexpected accidents. There are other, less ambitious, ways of satisfying our desire to fly without the having to risk our lives in the attempt.

A recent case is the Bungee Workout…. an aerial sport that is practiced on earth, with a rock climbing harness and a bungee cord. It’s an incredibly aerobic training session, full of surprises, exercises and jumps that will help accentuate the feeling of no gravity, makes sure that you won’t lose your balance, and your joints won’t suffer.

It’s arrived this spring to Spain; specifically Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz, by the hand of María Maza. This extremely fun and crazy training session! In these classes you’ll combine fitness, choreographies and exercises that are considered acrobatic. The good news is that everyone can participate.

Since it’s opening at the beginning of Summer, over 400 people from Spain and from foreign countries have come to our facilities at www.gravityworkouts.com, María Maza’s studio here in Conil.

This center combines different Sports like Aeroyoga and Aeropilates, Body Rolling, and different floor Yoga methods, but the best is of course Bungee Workout. All our clients come out of these classes with way less calories in their body and very happy faces that don’t need words to explain or understand. Bungee is becoming a trend and many people who are dedicated and study physical exercise demand that they have these sort of classes in their own businesses. At the moment the only oficial center that offers this class is here in Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz.

In the next few months we will begin to have training courses for teachers and practitioners of Bungee Workout in Conil, this way, it can be practiced in other spanish cities. All information partaking to these courses are published on or Facebook page, Gravity Workouts, and our webiste. Look out for those humanoids that want to learn how to fly without wings!

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