What´s Bungee Workout?

Bungee Workout™ is a revolutionary sport where we work every single muscle in the body. Inspired by circus technics, where participants dangle from a harness and an elastic rope (bungee), and perform intense exercises, stimulating the body to burn calories while having fun and challenging the Bungee’s resistance. It’s thought out for everyone since it’s a low impact exercise that won’t strain joints like other sports. With Bungee Workout we work every single muscle in the body. It’s a high intensity activity; jumping, swinging and moving will make you sweat, burn fat, and wash all your troubles away.

Are you going to miss this aerial experience?

Fly, jump, run!

Bungee is most complete and funnest sport, you burn calories while having fun and liberating adrenaline! Be driven to fly and have fun with our Bungee Workout classes in Conil de la Frontera. Plus, there’s a class for everyone!

Find out more about our classes!

Bungee Workout™: a 60 minute class where we combine different positions and music. It’s a high intensity cardiovascular class, where you will strengthen your abs and legs.
Bungee Fit: a 60 min, high intensity, class with many repetitions that will help to strengthen muscles, gain muscle endurance, flexibility and will tone your body. You’ll burn calories with the help of the Bungee!

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