What´s Yamuna® Body Rolling?

Yamuna® Body Rolling is an innovative and revolutionary therapeutic technique
where, while rolling your body on a specially designed fitness ball, your own body
weight will help to harmonize your breathing and will give you the benefits of
exercise, massages and the relaxation of your muscles to help gain elasticity, all in one.
The key is to create space, and with an innovative concept to stimulate bones and
relax tendons, which connect and gives the muscle it’s elasticity. That’s why it will
help restore bone and neuromuscular health in an effective way.

Do you want to treat yourself and feel your body change?

Benefits of Yamuna® Body Rolling

Yayuma® Body Rolling  is a practice that has many health benefits, while at the same time
shaping your body, making it stronger, more flexible, resistant and balanced.

Find out more about our classes!

Yamuna® Body Rolling: 60 min classes, where we will work different parts of the body (feet,
legs, pectoral, arms, glute, abdomen, neck, back…)

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