Aeroyoga / Aeropilates

It’s an ideal workout that complements other sports with a high cardiovascular demand that also works with most of the body’s joints, just like Running, Boxing, Martial Arts, Cycling, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Crossfit, Rock Climbing, Surfing, KiteSurfing, Triathlons, Dancing…

A new activity that incorporates traditional yoga and pilates exercises with an Aerial Yoga swing. It produces a “no gravity” effect which will let us practice positions in different styles, such as posing upside down, that is proven to help both body and mind. These upside down positions, whilst suspended in the air, will help to decompress bone joints, lighten pressure, help circulation and stretch back bones with minimum effort.

Take care of you mind and body while flying and fun in “no gravity”!

Benefits of Aeroyoga

Practicing suspended yoga or pilates is an experience that’s restoring and very beneficial. You’ll float while meditating, stretch your spine in total inversion, you’ll improve your circulation. Living upside down an hour a day is a great experience and will also help your quality of life.

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Aeroyoga®: we work with positions that help encourage creativity, elongation, axial decompression, muscle tonicity, rejuvenation and muscular definition.

Aeropilates®:  you’ll work your core, made up of your abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, gluteal and perineal muscles. Helping your circulation, bone growth and reducing the risks of fractures.

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